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Hi! My name is Víctor and I'm a character animator from northern Spain living in UK.

My first attempts at animation started when I was only 12. They consisted of some stop motion short clips I recorded with my HI8 camera at 6fps in which I basically tried to make all my toys come to life. Ever since I first saw Toy Story and imagined the awesome team that had to be behind such films, I knew all I wanted to be in life was an animator - and a 1930's American archaeologist wearing a fedora, but that's a different story.

I graduated in Fine Arts with a major in animation from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) in 2009. All throughout my degree, I had the chance to learn from art history, color theory, composition, volume, human anatomy and artistic drawing to traditional animation techniques, storytelling and even cinema history. Thanks to these, I have been able to acquire a highly useful range of animation and artistic skills.

As I wanted to enhance my character animation skills, I decided to start focusing my training on this field and devote most of my time to studying animation. I therefore took classes of CGI Maya and the Profesional Technician in Stop-Motion Program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I also finished the Animation Mentor Character Animation Course, which lasted for 18 months and focused on CGI animation. I have also been engaged in drama and improvisation classes for more than a year.

Regarding my work experience, I completed a year long internship as a teaching assistant at the animation area of university. I also worked at a local animation studio (Hampa Studio S.L) in a 3-month internship as 2D animator, CGI generalist and illustrator. Since January 2012, I have been working as an animator in Jagex. Being part of the team there has taught me a good deal of how to adapt my own workflow to fit the studio approach, tools and needs. Moreover, it has allowed me to animate a full range of very interesting and complex fantasy creatures in sometimes short deadlines. This has been really challenging but a truly thrilling experience. Apart from adapting myself to the studio environment, I have been a proactive member, trying to enhance the pipeline introducing techniques such as animation prototipying and 2D, which are quite common in my personal workflow. These techniques are now fully implemented and helping the animators across the team.

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